Rambling Round Up

If you’ve found something good recently, drop me a comment or an email and give me a quick run-down. I might add it to the next round-up.

Picture of the Week


Great Blogs this Week

Prodigal Magazine-All the World is a Talent Show.

The American Jesus-Jesus the Pharisee?

Rob  Shep.com-5 Steps to Become More Awesome

Brain Drip-How the Enlightenment Messed Up the Church

Expect the Exceptional-Humility vs Servanthood

Confessions of a Funeral Director-Forgiving God

The Daily ReTORt-Searching for a New Paradigm?

Good Articles

Shine-Real-life Anime girl’s makeup tutorial

Digital Journal-HS football player Ronald Rouse, 17, collapses game, dies. (this guy is from my state)

Yahoo News-NY teens pay valets to store devices.

Great Website

Pocket-It’s a place to jam digital content till you get a chance to look at it.

Great Video

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Rambling with the Barba.

What’s got you rambling this week?

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