Rambling Round Up

If you’ve found something good recently, drop me a comment or an email and give me a quick run-down. I might add it to the next round-up.

Picture of the Week


Great Blogs this Week

The Church of No People-Literal or Metaphorical

Holy Soup– It’s About Sunday, Stupid.

Deuceology-The Curious Case of Angry Bloggers

The Handwritten-The Herd

Bryan Allain-The Hymnal and the Claw

Jon Stolpe Stretched-Living the Lessons

Good Articles

CNN Belief Blog-My Take:Will there be gays in Heaven? Will there be fat people?

Yahoo Sports-Badminton tournament marred by players throwing games.

AP News via Yahoo-Snoop Dogg changes his name, becomes “born again.”

Great Video

The ark was finished this week.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Rambling with the Barba.

What’s got you rambling this week?

8 thoughts on “Rambling Round Up

Add yours

  1. Thanks, Ken! I appreciate you sharing my piece over at Jon’s place. I’m definitely being stretched. Thank you for the other great reading suggestions too!


    1. The move has gone well. We have been here a month now and we are still studying the city. The house is working out well and we love the location. We have made some great contacts in town for potential ministry, one being a home for abandon children. We are looking and listening while praying. Thanks for asking.


  2. The facial hair pic is great. Though for me it’s kind of a faux pas when one man’s beard touches another man’s beard. You just don’t.
    Great links this weeks as well! You sure can pick ’em.


    1. I concur with your beard blending stance. I think these folks are from across the pond so it may be different there.

      I try to find some things outside the circle and not necessarily the topic du jour.


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