Wednesday’s Rambling RoundUp

If you’ve found something good recently, drop me a comment or an email and give me a quick run-down. I might add it to the next round-up.

Picture of the Week

Great Blogs this Week

ExFake-How do you react to someone you don’t particularly like?

The Assembling of the Church-How does your church respond to poverty?

The Church of No People-Are you manned up as a Christian?

Modern Reject-Are you giving God His due?

A Deeper Story-Who is Your Holy Spirit?

Good Articles

Relevant Magazine-When Living in Denial is Healthy

Good Book

Kiss-by Ted Dekker, Erin Healy-High energy thriller, great crime story.

Great Video

There be giants in the land. I am so glad this kid didn’t play against my high school.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Rambling with the Barba.

What’s got you rambling this week?

11 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Rambling RoundUp

Add yours

  1. I want to make some of those lighters.

    I really enjoyed Nicole’s post.

    That basketball game didn’t look like much fun. That coach had an easy job (“alright guys, here’s our strategy against Coastal: give it to Mamadou). And is Mamadou not the best name ever?


  2. Mamadou reminds me a lot of me. Except that I’m not that tall, or good at basketball, and I’m a white guy. Other than that…

    That’s video was crazy. I wonder if they ever lose?


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