Wednesday’s Rambling Round-Up

If you’ve found something good recently, drop me a comment or an email and give me a quick run-down. I might add it to the next round-up.

Picture of the Week

Great Blogs this Week

Confessions of a Funeral Director-Manly ways to die from a popular Pastor

Rogue Christianity– Are you a gas pump Christian?

Holy Soup-As a Pew Sitter what do you wish for?

The Bearded Idealist-Before and After Coffee

Brant Hanson’s Blog-And she will have a wedding

Good Articles

Shine by Yahoo-Artist paints herself into her art, like a disappearing woman.

Matthew Paul Turner-Part 2 of the church discipline contract

Good Book

The Bride Collector-by Ted Dekker-High energy thriller, great crime story.

Great Video

Who doesn’t like a little Guns and Roses on Harp and classical guitar? This is a commercial for Yerba Mate in Paraguay. I heard it on the radio first and had to have it.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Rambling with the Barba.

What’s got you rambling this week?

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