Wednesday’s Rambling Round-up

If you’ve found something good recently, drop me a comment or an email and give me a quick run-down. I might add it to the next round-up.

Picture of the Week

Santa is hip to the new social media phenomenon and he is checking his list, TWICE.

Great Blogs this Week

Stuff Christians Like-Is it hard to love your friends because you covet them?

Warrior Life-If the world wore name tags what would yours say?

Life as Experienced-Do you doubt sometimes?

Jesus Needs New PR-Do you date a Church first?

Modern Reject-Are Christians misunderstood?

Good Articles

Yahoo News-Somewhere a insurance adjuster just died when his heart stopped.

NPR-It’s a Christian act but not necessarily a Christian person.

Fox Sports-What if Tim Tebow was muslim.

Good Book

Imaginary Jesus-by Mike Mikalatos-Is your Jesus the real deal or a figment of your imagination?

Great Video

A friend told me about seeing a lady smuggle in a whole bucket of KFC chicken, with biscuits.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Rambling with the Barba.

What’s got you rambling this week?

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