Rambling Round-up


Ok, it’s not that kind of round-up. There are no cattle or horses in it. No animals were harmed in the writing of this post. I decided that I would do a post every now and then chronicling some of the great content I have been finding. These will include but not be limited to blogs, books, flyers, bathroom wall art, graffiti, instruction manuals poorly translated into English, tweets, Facebook statuses, saintly images formed in food products, advice from random bus riders, and more.

If you have found something good recently drop me an email and let me know a quick run down. Give me a link and I might add it to the next round-up.

Blogs that caused me to Ramble

Confessions of a Funeral Director -Laugh out Loud Photos of Bizarre Funeral Home Names

Jesus Needs New PR -Thought provoking commentary on Pat Robertson’s recent Alzheimer’s Advice.

Mission Frontiers – Great post on poverty. Read the comments as well.

Immeasurably More – Friends of ours in Paraguay on a medical mission.

El Chupacabra Writes – Another good post on poverty.

Modern Reject – Free Sin Day

Books that have me Rambling

Godspace by Doug Pollock – Giving God room to operate

The Gospel: For Here or To Go by Keith Giles – Giles’s books are all free to download

Coffee Shop Conversations by Dale Fincher – Great evangelism guide and compliment to Godspace

Blink by  Ted Dekker – My favorite fiction author.

Field of Blood by Eric Wilson – A close second to Dekker

Quote that had me Rambling

We should probably be called Human Doings instead of Human Beings because we place more attention on what we do instead of who we are. I can’t attribute this to one person as it is in about a million hits on Google.

Photo that had me Rambling

Found this on Jesus Needs New PR blog

Enjoy and don’t forget to tell me about what you’re reading.

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