Photo Friday


Better late than never, Photo Friday is here again. Wacky weather and a crazy schedule will NOT impede our march to the ultimate goal of touring Paraguay through the lens of a cellphone camera. As always keep your keasters firmly planted in the tram at all times. I don’t want another incident. Lefty, that’s what I call him now, is doing fine and will be released soon.

Sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Don’t forget if you missed any of the past tours or you just want to go back and reminisce, hit the links to the Photo Friday category. Continue reading “Photo Friday”

Got-Your-Back Tracker

gotyourback2I was having a terrible time keeping myself on the straight-and-narrow. I had worked my way all the way up to the green Newbie Number Tag. I was close to being considered a real Christian but I was sinning all the time. I needed help.

I tried changing my habits. I tried changing my heart. I needed to get my life in order before I gave it Jesus. I didn’t think He wanted that sack of dirty rags I called my walk. I needed help, professional help. I didn’t trust the superficial nature of church relationships. How could the guy who cheated me on my insurance help get me closer to righteousness? I didn’t want to repeat that prayer after some rank amateur. When I repeated, I mimicked the one–the only–Apostle Prophet Stan Dean Dover. Continue reading “Got-Your-Back Tracker”

Photo Friday


IT. IS. Photo Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s right, boys and girls. For more than 40 Fridays I have been loading up the virtual van and toting you guys around Paraguay via my cellphone camera, and today is no different.

Single-file line please. Grab a bag lunch off the make-believe table as you pass it and ALL ABOARD!!!! Don’t forget to hit the links and check all of the past installments of Photo Friday.

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We met Domingo the first time we crawled through the hole in the barbed wire fence. We wanted to meet some of the people we saw shuffling down that dusty foot path behind our house day after day. We had only lived in Paraguay for a few months, so we grabbed a local friend who could speak Guarani and wiggled through.

What we found was incredible.

Some folks emerged from the forest with a bucket on their heads to carry water. Others were hard at work bundling and lashing sticks together to build cooking fires. Some had spent the early morning hours baking in clay ovens and now passed by, baskets brimming, with chipa to sell. There was a whole world hidden back behind those trees, and we wanted to know it.
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Photo Friday


YAY!! It’s Friday, uh, I mean Photo Friday. First, let me apologize to all of you who expect Photo Friday in your reader or email to savor with your morning cup of coffee. We have visitors (my in-laws) and it has been a little complicated.

Our car is in the shop again (2+ months so far). We have not installed the air conditioners yet in the new apartment (last week it was rainy and cool) and one of the fans locked up so I had to tear it apart and fix it. All of that came between me and getting you the premier cellphone camera tour of Paraguay. I will try my best to get back to the early schedule next week so your java isn’t lonely.

Now to the good stuff. If you’re following along on the map grab your china markers and get comfy. Continue reading “Photo Friday”

Newbie Number Tags

sheepeartagThank you so much, Jesus Junk International. We were having trouble separating the “sheep from the goats,” so-to-speak. We installed the turnstiles in the parking lots to get a more accurate count of attendance, but the newbies were sneaking through.We really needed a way to avoid another Twitter-gate. Ya’ know, social media halts for no man or church. You got get that stuff out there at high traffic o’clock or you’re toast.Recently our corp of Twitter ninjas got caught with their 140 characters down (IYKWIM). They were dropping vistor and baptism numbers all over the place. It looked like we were padding the numbers. We never want it to look like that.We needed a way to identify the newbies in our church. We kept trying to close the deal on people we already had. Everyone knows the best way to tell if a church has it going on is if they promote huge visitor and baptism numbers. Newbie Number Tags made all the difference in the world.–Pastor Macon Biggs from THE First Mega Apostles Assembly of the Friendly Seekers Super Cell Group Church
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Photo Friday


All aboard! The Photo Friday express is about to leave the station. I have been hard at work gathering photos and constructing captions. I hope this week’s offerings will satisfy your need to see more of Paraguay from the perspective of my cellphone camera. As always, if you have missed any part of the tour, jump to the bottom of this post to see more Photo Friday posts or click the link in the menu bar. Continue reading “Photo Friday”

Selfie Righteous

BarbaandJesusAfter an extended, albeit necessary developmental interlude, Jesus Junk International is back and stronger than ever. A little market research was in order. We wanted our collective finger on the erratic pulse of Christendom to decipher what products were most desired, needed, even necessary. It was a scary enterprise, to be sure, but one we wanted, nay, needed to do if we were to give our faithful customers the best in church enhancement products.

When the skymiles were spent and the data tabulated, we found our target. It was clear to us here at Jesus Junk that Christians are not immune to the love affair with one’s self. The sheer volume of the auto-portrait in Christian circles begs for a church enhancement product to take advantage of this phenomenon. Take the urge of self-promotion, add the desire to prove we are indeed at church on Sundays and not merely trolling about the countryside, and mix in a heap of technology and you get…. Continue reading “Selfie Righteous”

Photo Friday


It’s back!!

Photo Friday has made its return after a several months respite. I have been feverishly fielding questions from all you addicts about the whereabouts of Photo Friday and the blog in general. Be at peace my brothers and sisters. I have a great line up in the cell-cam tour of Paraguay to settle those shaking hands. Just sit back, relax and feast your eyes on the following photo bonanza. 

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